Become a Data Collector at Appen to Accelerate the Success with Data-driven Insights


Earn extra money from the comfort of your home by assisting in the advancement of AI-powered recognition technology through data collection! Your efforts will ensure that valuable resources are utilized efficiently, as the data collected will train AI models for unbiased and responsible machine learning in various business analytics tasks. Join the project in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, and contribute to the development of facial recognition AI for different situations and nationalities. This job is based on a contract agreement.



Project Requirements:

  •  Record 11 quick selfie videos using your portable device, showcasing different accessories and lighting/environment.
  •  Earn money in the short term by completing these video tasks.
  •  Enjoy the flexibility of working from home and choose your working hours.
  •  Seize the opportunity to participate in tasks that offer both monetary rewards and a chance to showcase your creativity.
  • Use your Android or iOS phone to access web-based tools (no desktops or laptops required).
  • Prepare an identification document that includes your picture, full name, and date of birth.
  • Ensure that the identification documents are in English or Roman alphabet format (other languages are not accepted at the moment).
  • Possess strong English comprehension and communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • Reside in Pakistan and be a fluent speaker of Urdu.
  • Participate in the data collection process, a crucial step in the development of powerful machine learning models.
  • Join this opportunity and become part of an enriching experience.


What to expect when you register:

  • Create an account on Appen.
  • Select Urdu as your primary language.
  • Take around 5 minutes to fill out your profile and complete project registration.
  • Take your time to study the provided guidelines at your own pace.
  • Agree to the confidentiality and ways of working rules.
  • Successfully pass the quiz to proceed further.



Join Appen as a Data Collector and Drive Data-driven Success
Join Appen as a Data Collector and Drive Data-driven Success



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