Join SQUARERA as a Junior Python Developer

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Join SQUARERA as a Junior Python Developer

Kickstart Your Career: Join SQUARERA as a Junior Python Developer in Karachi

Squarera is searching for a Junior Python Developer to be part of the team and assist in developing and upkeep different software products. You’ll collaborate with various software engineers and experts to create new models and algorithms, applying artificial intelligence to address real-world challenges and shape the future. Squarera presents a fantastic opportunity for a junior Python Developer who’s enthusiastic about working on exciting projects and expanding their role within our dynamic team.



  • Write and test code as a Python Developer.
  • Utilize server-side logic and collaborate effectively within a team.
  • Integrate various data sources and databases into a unified system.
  • Showcase a talent for effective problem-solving and a keen eye for detail.
  • Possess excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Work effectively in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

Required Skills:

  • You should have a minimum of 6 months of experience in Python development.
  • Strong programming skills in Python are a must.
  • Knowledge of fundamental algorithms, as well as principles of object-oriented and functional design, and best-practice patterns.
  • Experience developing REST APIs, designing NoSQL databases, and optimizing RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) designs.
  • Familiarity with object-relational mapping (ORM).
  • Comprehension of Python’s constraints related to threading and its multi-process framework.
  • Some familiarity with machine learning libraries and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn.
  • Basic knowledge of data preprocessing techniques.
  • An eagerness to learn and keep up with the latest advancements in AI and machine learning.


How to Apply:

  • Send your resume to
  • Contact here for any query at +44 7404 338490



Join SQUARERA as a Junior Python Developer
Join SQUARERA as a Junior Python Developer



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