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Join Abbott as Financial Analyst-Karachi

Join Abbott as Financial Analyst – Karachi

In this role, you’ll be responsible for a range of tasks connected to cost management and analysis at Abbott. This involves working with different teams to find ways to optimize costs, evaluating the value of product inventories, reviewing expenses, and analyzing costs. You’ll also be in charge of preparing reports that help improve control and decision-making, supporting updates to planning, calculating manufacturing variances, overseeing postings, auditing cost-related journal entries, managing batch costing, and reporting monthly departmental expenses as well as Purchase Price Variance (PPV) expenses and their amortization schedule. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the organization efficiently manages costs and margins.




  • Collaborate with Business and other Stakeholders to gather regular inputs, review data, and perform analysis to optimize costs and margins.
  • Conduct monthly and annual valuations of product inventory to account for necessary provisions.
  • Prepare monthly expense reviews and analyze Standard vs. Actual costs, considering factors like volume, price, and yield variances, and take corrective actions as needed.
  • Generate various reports for review and analysis, helping improve controls and aiding in decision-making for the business.
  • Provide support for Plan/LBEs (Long-Range Business Plans) updates.
  • Ensure the calculation and reporting of manufacturing variances on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Supervise issues and CJE (Costing Journal Entry) postings.
  • Audit Costing Journal Entries for accuracy.
  • Manage batch costing processes.
  • Report monthly departmental expenses.
  • Handle Purchase Price Variance (PPV) incurrence and amortization schedule.




Join Abbott as Financial Analyst-Karachi
Join Abbott as Financial Analyst-Karachi



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