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Join SGS as a Construction Supervisor in Karachi

Unleashing Your Construction Supervision Skills: Join SGS in Karachi

Take the opportunity to Become a Construction Supervisor at SGS in Karachi. They are offering a 15-day job with 12-hour shifts, where you’ll be working on a vertically fired furnace with 40 catalyst tubes supported by 20 spring supports (one for two tubes). Apply now if you’re interested in becoming a part of the team!



  • Remove 20 catalyst tubes using a crane or cutting the sagged tubes from the top.
  • Insert 20 new catalyst tubes.
  • Weld the newly inserted catalyst tubes with top hairpin and bottom pigtails (approximately 58 joints in total).
  • All welding joints are radiographed for quality assurance.



  • Experience: 10 – 15 years
  • Familiar with the construction and maintenance of a fired furnace
  • Reports to Maintenance/Execution Engineer
  • Supervises a team of Scaffolders, Pipe Fitters, Fabricators, Unskilled Labor, Insulators, etc




Join SGS as a Construction Supervisor in Karachi
Join SGS as a Construction Supervisor in Karachi




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