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Start your career at Eminent4U(PVT) as a passionate PPC Manager.

Join the Team at Eminent4U: Seeking a  PPC Manager for Digital Marketing


A PPC Manager is being looked at by Eminent4U Private Limited for their Digital Marketing department in Karachi, Pakistan. If you are seeking a rewarding opportunity in digital marketing, don’t miss out on this job opening published on LinkedIn. Join the dynamic team at Eminent4U and contribute to its success in the field of PPC management.



  • Attract relevant and potential customers to your website and landing pages
  •  Target individuals who are more likely to make purchases
  •  Display ads to the right audience, ensuring they are appropriate and relevant
  •  Determine the optimal timing for displaying ads to maximize their impact
  •  Choose strategic ad placements to reach your target audience effectively
  •  Focus on generating sales by driving qualified traffic to your site through targeted advertising


Responsibilities for PPC Manager:

  •  Manage and optimize campaigns on a daily basis, suggesting improvements and expanding audience targeting.
  •  Handle large budgets to achieve the desired return on investment (ROI) targets.
  •  Utilize Google Analytics to track and monitor PPC and Display activities, driving ongoing enhancements and engagement.
  •  Collaborate with the Digital team to develop and implement data-driven strategies, incorporating insights into current and future campaigns.
  •  Coordinate with the design team to provide guidance for new creative requests and adjustments to banners, aligning with overall digital campaign strategies and product launches.
  •  Identify the buyer persona to effectively target specific audiences.
  •  Generate regular reports on campaign performance, including daily, weekly, and monthly updates.



  • Applicant must have experience of at least 3+ years and must have excellent communication skills.



  • PECHS Block-6, Shahrah e Faisal,  Karāchi, Pakistan



  • The salary offered is competitive with the market standards.
  • The Last date to Apply here is 25th May 2023



Start your career at Eminent4U(PVT) as a passionate PPC Manager.
Start your career at Eminent4U(PVT) as a passionate PPC Manager.
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