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Meet the Digital Audit Coach at EY Company

Meet the Digital Audit Coach at EY Company

Discover how our Digital Audit Coach at EY Company is leading the way in shaping the future of auditing. Get insights into the evolving landscape of auditing in the digital age and learn how our expert is guiding businesses toward more efficient and effective audit practices.

At EY, our Rapid Innovation team plays a crucial role in supporting audit projects throughout the MENA region. This involves both working remotely and traveling to offices in MENA. Your role would be to help the organization fulfill its digital audit goals, aiming to make audits in the MENA region more efficient and productive. You’ll be based in our center of excellence in Karachi, which is known for its rapid innovation efforts.




  • Coaching and Training: You’ll provide coaching, training both on-site and off-site to audit teams in MENA, helping them understand Digital Audit, MENA Robotics Process Automation (RPA), EY Smart Automation, and other digital tools.
  • Feedback and Guidance: Your role involves giving valuable feedback and guidance to MENA audit teams, assisting them in effectively using digital tools for their audits.
  • Digital Initiatives Participation: You might take part in digital initiatives like Nearshore Digital Collaboration. This includes supervising and reviewing the digital work done by nearshore team members. You’ll discuss the work with onshore audit teams to ensure the proper use of Digital GAM (Global Audit Methodology).
  • Internal Control and Improvements: As a coach, you’ll assist audit teams in identifying internal control issues and suggesting business improvements. These insights may be shared with clients through management letters.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): You’ll act as an expert in digital audit and automation. This might involve participating in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and handling other tasks related to audit transformation as requested by the MENA regional digital implementation team.



  • Thriving Traits: Individuals who are proactive, accountable, and focused on achieving results will excel in this setting.
  • Balancing Priorities: Handling multiple tasks and priorities while effectively managing resources is crucial.
  • Effective Communication: The ability to communicate well is essential, ensuring that information is conveyed clearly and understood.
  • Influence on Others: Your actions will greatly influence those around you, contributing to a positive work culture.
  • Fostering Work Ethic: By embodying these qualities, you’ll contribute to promoting a strong and positive work ethic within the team.



  • Educational Excellence: A solid academic background, which encompasses a bachelor’s degree or a recognized professional accounting qualification like ACCA, CA, ACA, CPA.
  • Impressive Experience: A minimum of six years’ experience in the field of external audit, ideally gained while working with a reputable Big 4 audit firm.
  • Effective Communicator: Possess strong communication abilities that enable you to convey ideas and information clearly and efficiently.



  • Preferred Background: It would be great if you’ve worked at a respected global audit firm before.
  • Lifelong Learning: You’ll have the opportunity to cultivate a mindset of continuous learning, adapting to future challenges with new skills.
  • Personal Success: We’ll equip you with the tools and flexibility to create a meaningful impact in a way that aligns with your own definition of success.
  • Empowering Leadership: You’ll gain insights, coaching, and confidence to become a transformative leader, making a positive difference in the world.
  • Inclusive Environment: Our culture values diversity and inclusivity, celebrating your uniqueness and encouraging you to use your voice to support others in finding their own.




Meet the Digital Audit Coach at EY Company
Meet the Digital Audit Coach at EY Company




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